The Movie Alphabet Game

The Movie Alphabet Game. Identify movies based on these letters from their posters. I suck at this today. I’m missing B, C, E, F, J, K, P, S, U, V, and Y. How many can you get?


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  1. Missing C, E, J, O, P, U, V, X, Y. Grr!

  2. I got V! But not too much else.

  3. Missing B, C, E, H, J, N, O, S, U, V, X, Y.

    Not bad since I dont watch that many movies 😉

    Will post anymore I get later 😉

  4. One thing that is quite amazing is how well logos really do make their mark even when it’s just in the font/name.

    Good that you can recognise the film just from one letter out of its name.

  5. K is The Rock. you got pretty much the same ones I did… the others are HARD! People, send in more!

  6. E is Deep Impact, J is Cujo, …

  7. E dayom…Im sure I tried that.. but maybe on some other letter.

    P is Robocop btw

  8. F was Forrest Gump

  9. Hey, WeeB…H is Sleepy Hollow. Not sure about the other ones you need.

  10. Lord, i’m addicted now. I emailed the link to Lovey, and now he’s doing it at work(a place where being on the internet is FORBIDDEN)… does anyone know where in the archives is the last couple of links Kris had? The one with the cartoon pics of all the celebrities and you had to guess? I think there was another one on top of that, as well. Little help?

  11. Ok since we’re rolling with the spoilers now: V is The Fugitive.

  12. Thank you Mia for H. It was annoying me, as is X. Please tell me what that is.

    S is Silverado.

    Don’t mean to keep posting just single entries. Anymore will be 1+ to keep posts down.

  13. I need b,c,l,u,x,y….. little help?

  14. Scratch that – just got L….

  15. B is…

    Das Boot. still don’t know C, O, U, X, Y & Z.

  16. The Snook and I got ’em all last night, so I can give help if needed. “Y”, for instance, stars mostly non-human characters and features a pop star as their leader. 🙂

    If you go to my archive page, Mia, you can search for “quiz”. This is the one with the little celebrities, and this is the Mensa one with the letters.

  17. hmm, i need C, L, N, and U

    here’s one for y’all. Z stars the voice talent of Woodie Allen.

  18. Good hint, yazzy! Here’s a “C” hint for you: It’s an animated musical…

  19. the URL link is broken now… ;(

  20. hehe… his site was “W-G’ed”

    She seeks em here, she seeks em there,
    The Web-Goddess seeks em everywhere.

    Only the best web links will do,
    She will blog them just for you.

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