Tonight I joined the Snook out at Westfield Bondi Junction (a big fancy-pants shopping mall) to see Wimbledon with the rest of his co-workers. Their boss had booked a Gold Class showing for us, which was pretty sweet. It’s basically a private theater – no more than 40 people – and everybody has big plush recliners to sit in. Unfortunately the concept of “open bar” and “two hour movie” don’t go so well together… I myself had to get up and wee twice during the film, and I hate missing the movie. Luckily I didn’t miss much, as this is a strictly formulaic rom-com. I never really bought into the love story at all, mostly because Kirsten Dunst annoyed the crap out of me. I guess I’m over her. Paul Bettany was great, though, and I found him really believable as a tennis player. The Snook and I also got a kick out seeing some shots of London and Brighton. (We also had fun speculating on how the tennis sequences were filmed; the IMDb trivia page confirms that the ball was CGed in afterwards.) So all in all, a fun evening… but way, WAY too many carbs. Ick.