The Triumph of the Unattractive

The Triumph of the Unattractive
Dammit! I just do not get the Australian voting public these days. First they vote to keep in John Howard and his army of crusty old curmudgeons, and now they’ve voted out the sexiest chrome-dome on television since the days of Jean-Luc Picard. I am speaking, of course, of tonight’s Australian Idol elimination of Marty Worrall. My two SMS votes were all for nought, it seems. Now who the heck am I supposed to root for? Hayley’s a robot, Chanel’s a flake, Casey’s uncommunicative, Courtney’s an old man, and Anthony sets off my gaydar. I am most excessively put out.

Okay, okay, so the final five aren’t really that bad… but none of them will make half the pop idol that Marty would have.

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  1. Dude! Is the kid in the black jacket named Ricky? Does he have a French student living with him and his mother? It must rock to have John Cusack for a neighbor.

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