Not that I care.

Another brilliant example of why most of the the world wants Bush out of office: He’s blocked his website to anybody outside the U.S. Seriously. I just tried it myself and I get “Access Denied.” The man just doesn’t care at all about what anybody outside his circle thinks. And no, I’m not arguing anything silly like that “furriners” should have votes or anything, but would it kill us to at least pretend that we give a shit what our neighbours think? I mean, Australia’s an ally! They’re in the Coalition of the Willing! Yet… “Access denied.” Political friendship with George Bush doesn’t seem to get you very much these days, does it? (Link courtesy of slashdot.)


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  1. Don’t worry. You’re not missing anything.

  2. Heh. But that reminds me of another point – there are actual American citizens living outside the U.S. Doesn’t he give a shit about our votes? I mean, theoretically an expatriate could vote for him… not that I know of any that would…

  3. Exactly. But maybe the server was getting a DOS attack, who knows?

  4. Which makes sense, except the geeks at slashdot have worked out that the blocking is really stupid and actually won’t prevent anything. Apparently the IP addresses still work. So whoever’s running Bush’s webserver doesn’t know what they’re doing.

  5. WeeB aka Ben aka Ferret

    October 28, 2004 — 9:49 am

    Godsend that the site ain’t working if you ask me 😉

  6. Now the ABC‘s reporting on it…

  7. Denial of Service. Really sums up him up, doesn’t it.

  8. Maybe you’re being blocked because of the way that you spelled neighbors…

    Just kidding! 😉

    I’m thinking that he only cares about expats’ votes if they’re in the military, and they don’t need the website to get indoctrinated – they’re already drinking the kool aid.

  9. Apparently the Bush campaign blocked overseas access to the site as a cost-cutting measure — if you’re living overseas and you haven’t already voted, it’s too late now (and, it would seem, he wasn’t getting enough donations from overseas to make it worth his while).

    You can still contribute to the Kerry campaign from overseas, though — we raised $5,000 last Tuesday here in Sydney, and we’re still accepting donations. 🙂 Those wacky kids in Melbourne are planning to phone-bank on Election Day, too.

  10. Eek. I didn’t even realize that I spelt it wrong, Tricia! Oh no, I just did it again! *twilight zone music*

  11. I’m told that apparently the website was receiving a lot of DOS attacks originating from overseas, during the all-important run up to election day. Personally I don’t care about viewing his site.

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