Beaky laid an egg!

Beaky laid an egg! And have I mentioned how much I absolutely love the idea of a a bird named “Beaky”?


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  1. Almost as good as a hedgehog named Prick. (I knew a guy once…)

  2. The name is a hit with everyone, Kris–who knew it would be so popular? Beaky seems kind of uninterested in her little surprise–she’d rather have more canary snacks. I’m going to toss the egg out this weekend, I’m afraid (apparently they can rot quickly, and canaries are really susceptible to bacteria and crap like that).

    Stay tuned for Beaky news, though–I took a hilarious picture of her yesterday that I have to post soon.

  3. Aw, Hagrid calls Buckbeak “Beaky”!

    Random, I know. :p (Bring on the PoA DVD!)

  4. AH, that’s right! I knew I’d heard something called “Beaky” relatively recently. Still hilarious though. 🙂

  5. I had forgotten about that, too (Beaky’s name comes from a joke among friends, but I like the HP connection). And just an update: egg number two hit the nest this morning. 🙂

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