Weekend Update

Weekend Update:

  • I still don’t have an outfit for our wedding. I do, however, have the shoes. I was trying on yet another crappy white dress at Portman’s on Friday when I thought to myself, “What’s the point? I don’t even have shoes to go with this.” And then, like lightning, I had a perfect vision of exactly the shoes I wanted to be married in. Oh yes, pristine white low-top Chuck Taylor sneakers. I happily marched up to General Pants Co. and bought them. They shall not be worn til the day of the wedding. In this, at least, I am satisfied.
  • Helen started at Tapestry Craft! She even had a run-in with Creepy Jesus Lady on only her second day. She asked CJL if she’d knitted her own sweater, and CJL replied: “Yep, me and God.” (CJL was pretty annoyed with me on this visit, I think, because I refused to return some of the wool she bought during the sale. Apparently Jesus forgot to warn her to read the sale policy.)
  • Saturday was our Post-Sale Celebratory Dinner at Ichiban Teppan-Yaki. Snookums joined me and the rest of the TC staff for an evening of food, fire, and flying eggs. Afterwards we went to “Viva Karaoke,” which was pretty fun. I got into it, anyway. Unfortunately most of my co-workers were too shy to sing, which kinda sucked. (And of course, we had a “mocker” amongst the group who thought it was much funnier to make fun of everyone else, which didn’t help the shyness issue.) Clinton was definitely the rockstar of the night with his Ricky Martin moves. The two of us also duetted on a rockin’ version of “Sk8er Boi” that left me hoarse afterwards.
  • I’m so close to being done with my sister’s wedding gift. It’s take me well over a hundred hours. I hope she likes it!
  • Snookums and I met up with my friend Sharon at the Newtown RSL this arvo, and guess who I saw? Tripod. We were just sitting in the bar when I saw Yon wander past. I was like, “Snookums, look look look! Right behind you. It’s the guy from Tripod.” Him: “The baldy?” Me: “No, the one with glasses. Look look look!” Turns out they were doing a gig later that night. Ten minutes later Gatesy strolled out. Me: “It’s another one! Ooh, it’s the cute one!” Him: “The cute one?? Scod?” Me: “No! Gatesy. Quit obsessing about Scod. Oh wait, Scod just came out.” Man, I wish we had seen the show now. Instead we just listened to the end of the meat raffle and then headed home.
  • I am so unprepared for this trip. We leave in less than a hundred hours. I have less than a week of singleness left. AND WHAT THE HELL AM I GOING TO WEAR FOR THE WEDDING?


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  1. When I saw “chuck taylor”, I immediately thought of white jeans, white blazer and a sexy top in a funky color. Then again, that’s something I would wear to my own wedding. Seriously, you and Snook aren’t getting hitched in Vegas because it’s a “dream wedding”, so you should just go in your favorite jeans and a nice top. To me, that spells “Kris” more than anything else.

    (i tried posting this from my other computer and I got a SPAM message, just FYI)

  2. Ooh, I really, really like that idea!

    (Hmm, somebody else had trouble this morning. Stupid referrer script always chokes on some browsers. I’ll remove it.)

  3. Chuck Taylors as wedding shoes? That is pure genius 🙂

  4. just wait till you get to vegas. i’m sure they have wedding attire you can purchase there. it’s not the wedding capitol for nothing!

  5. Do you want the Leia costume back just in case?

  6. LMAO, amy. thanks a lot, I just burst out laughing and woke up my niece. i would still pay good money to see that, though. =P

  7. Kath would say: Go for jeans with a twelve inch zip!
    If you go the jeans and a tshirt route, you need to also go the hooded sweatshirt route, as it’s kind of your signature item, although the Leia costume would be ace, esp if the Snook was in the Luke gear!
    I don’t think Jesus was mad at you, I think she was just worried that she didn’t pray hard enough, and that’s why she couldn’t return the wool. It’s scary how I can relate to this woman.
    Sorry for not singing more at Kareoke, I was too busy being amused by the videos! Sheep, a scarecrow exhibition and fake beetles!

  8. ps. That was a Kath and Kim reference, not our knitpowers Kath!

  9. one more thing on the wedding outfit topic. Have I ever showed you pics from my brother’s wedding? (http://www.rubbernun.net/ceremony-reception/wedding.html) Amy wore a simple silvery-grey dress and Doc Martins. She looked so beautiful and natural.
    Just a thought….

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