Yank in Oz

Hey, Gadgetgirl‘s husband Rob has a new weblog! He has some nice pictures from a recent trip to India. (The Snook refuses to blog as such, but reading his Usenet posts is always enlightening. When he refers to “SWMBO”, that’s me. Ten points to the first person that guesses the acronym!)


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  1. Single White Male Body Odor? 😉

  2. Sweetness With My Beer Ok?

  3. Hehe… I see what it now. Won’t spoil it for anyone though. First word is She and last is Obeyed 🙂

  4. oooh, thanks for the tip, WeeB, and i was thinking Standing With My Best Orangutan all this time…

  5. It’s She Whips My Butt. Obeyed!

  6. Ferret’s ferreted it out, it sounds like. Apparently it’s a reference to “Rumpole.”

  7. (The actual term is “She Who Must Be Obeyed”, which the Ferret was hinting at.)

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