Breakfast Around the World

Breakfast Around the World. For the record, I’ve never seen a single Australian person ever eat toast with tinned spaghetti on top. The Snook assures me, however, that bogans do this. It boggles the mind.


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  1. Teehee, I’ve eaten toast with tinned spaghetti… damn my bogan-ish tendencies!

  2. says:
    1 entry found for Bogan.
    Bo·gan ( P ) Pronunciation Key (bgn), Louise. 1897-1970.
    American poet whose subtle, spare works are metaphysical in tone.


  3. I’ve seen it, but only as a hangover cure…..

  4. That’s all we ate when I was growing up. And when we could actually afford more food than that, a typical meal would be (seriously): toast, bacon, spaghetti, sausage, french fries, hamburger patties. Don’t even ask.

  5. Dave: Next time try the Macquarie Dictionary‘s Book of Slang, which has a distinctly Australian flavor…

    noun 1. a fool; idiot. 2.  WA a lout or hooligan, especially of a particular social group noted for wearing black shirt and jeans. 3.  Tasmania a rough lout or hooligan. In Hobart equivalent to a Chigga. [probably from Bogan a river in NSW]

  6. Ewww. Ewww Ewww Ewww.

    I’ve seen it and even been served it a few times when i was in the army. But i could never eat it – it was just … ewww.

  7. Oh, I see. I rather liked the idea that Louise Bogan might have been the matriarch of a family of metaphysical poets who emigrated to Australia to write subtle, spare works and eat spaghetti on toast.

    I did see tinned spaghetti at breakfast at most, maybe all, of the hotels and motels where I stayed in Oz a couple of years ago. It seemed unusual at first, but it’s not really that far from baked beans in tomato sauce, which is entirely familiar as a breakfast dish. I don’t remember seeing anyone eating the spaghetti on toast though.

  8. Hey! I totally *love* this dish: hot toast (no butter), quickly covered with lashings of really tasty grated cheddar (NZ Mainland brand has several excellent ones) and steaming tinned spag on top. Has to be Wattie’s brand – it’s NZ but you can get it at Aus supermarkets. Finish with lots of black pepper. MMMM!

  9. It seems all of the Aussies are coming out of the woodwork to defend spaghetti-on-toast. I hereby retract my labeling of it as “bogan”. 🙂

  10. It’s an Australian staple, I’m sure I was force fed it for breakfast lunch and dinner at some stages in my childhood. hmmm, probably explains a lot ;O)

    I preferred it with the toast on the side, nothing worse than soggy toast!

  11. When I was vegetarian and on school camps, this was often the only food I could eat, for breakfast and dinner(they’d kindly provide a cheese sandwich for lunch). I grew to love this nasty food, the soggy toast was the best it, it was like it was marinated in tinny goodness! Black pepper makes it delicious. I can still eat it now, it’s quite comforting.
    (I know I’m a bogan, I love today tonight)

  12. forget the bogans! it one of DB paul’s favorites!

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