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Equestrian Web-Goddess!
Oh yeah, we did it… The Snook and I tried something new today: horseback riding! We had a coupon for 50% off a park ride at Moore Park Stables so I decided to put my long-standing equinophobia aside for the afternoon. First we had to sign the inevitable indemnity waivers (basically saying that if a horse were to kick me in the head, Snookums would be screwed), and then pick out some nasty boots and smelly helmets so we looked the part. Snookums was given a gray mare by the name of “Christmas,” while I got an white gelding called “Tamiko.” (And when I say old, I mean old. Older than me. My horse was thirty-five.) Our guide was a cheerful teenage girl named “Pip” who displayed some pretty awesome patience in the face of my relentless stupid questions. Once we were all mounted up, we headed out and crossed Lang Road on our way into the park. Pip and Snookums kept up a decent pace, but Tamiko seemed to prefer plodding along a few meters behind. I didn’t mind. Man, riding a horse isn’t easy on the bum! I’m going to need some “gluteal treatment” tomorrow. We spent a nice, leisurely hour going ’round the park, admiring the Sydney skyline, taking in some amateur cricket, and waving at all the families hanging out. Eventually we made it back to the stable and I effected a particularly non-graceful dismount. Tamiko even consented to posing for a picture with me. Isn’t he cute?

Damn, my husband looks fine on a horse!     Me and Old Gray Tamiko


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  1. I’m am feeling you kris!! Paul and I havn’t “done” anything for ages! v. inspiring 🙂

  2. I don’t remember where I got the idea, but recently I read on somebody’s webpage where she and her partner were trying something new every month. We thought it sounded cool so we’re sorta doing it (when we remember). Last month I had my first sushi train experience. It’s a good excuse to try something different, anyway!

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