We finally watched the Amazing Race 7 finale tonight… and damn. I’m putting our reaction inside, just so any Aussies don’t get spoiled.

Sidenote: No matter what the haters say, I am SO STOKED for Rob and Amber in TAR8. The Snook and I laughed our asses off at them in the preview. Go the Robfather!That sucked. We really wanted Kris and Jon to win. They’re just so pretty and nice! I guess Freddy and Kendra aren’t too evil, though. Yeah, she’s ignorant and racist and she apparently lacks the ability to digest food, but they ran a tight race and never even thought of giving up. Oh, and Freddie ate his own puke that one time. He earned it.

We paused after the first half to make some burritos and I ranted about Aaron’s proposal to Hayden. “She’s just so shrill and crazy and bitchy! Why would he possible want to marry her after a day like that?” The Snook hesitated. “I think it was probably just the stress,” he said. “She’s probably not like that in real life.” Huh? Gears started turning in my head. “Why would you say that? Why would you give her the benefit of the– Oh God. I act like that. I do, don’t I? Oh my God, I act like her! That’s why I find her behaviour so abhorrent, right? I AM HAYDEN.” He shrugged. “Welll… You did get kind of nuts occasionally while we were in Italy.” Good grief.

I still think she sucks though.