Oscar Contest is closed!

Entries are now closed for the Oscar Contest. The results will be updated live here. Good luck everyone! (And don’t forget to count dead people for me…)

Later: Woohoo! That documentary upset definitely spread out the scores a bit.

It’s Over: Man, I really thought Christopher was going to pull off the victory there. It would have been fitting, as he was the original inspiration for the Soctopus. Alas, Clint Eastwood was his downfall. Damn you, Clint! First prize thus went to steven johnson, who got all ten categories correct and nailed the tiebreaker. Second prize goes to David Eskridge, and third to Ed Ploog. Thanks to everybody who entered!


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  1. 30 by my count too…

  2. Sounds like a consensus!

  3. I got 30 also.

  4. It was definitely 30. I just emailed you about this, Kris, but your real tiebreaker should have been, “How many of the nominated songs will be sung by Beyoncé?” Three! She must have a really good agent.

    (Another alternate tiebreaker: How many times did we hear what sounded like girders falling backstage? That would be **three** so far–somebody needs to fire that tech crew!)

  5. Oh, man. I really sucked at this this year. 😉

  6. It was fun just to participate. I vacillated for quite some time over the Scorcese/Eastwood directing award. It was the hardest one to decide (for me). However, I guessed 62 dead people, so I would have SO lost anyway. (But then, if you include all the dead people who were NOT included, then I probably would have won.) But, it’s all about the participation. It’s all about the participation. It’s all about the participation.

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