CouchCam goes 70’s.

That 70’s CouchCam.
Do not be alarmed, and do not attempt to adjust your computer monitor. Our couch is indeed a new shade of lovely, nubbly brown. You may also notice our new orange end tables and our rockin’ display of retro bar gear. The dream of having a 1977 living room is starting to come true, my friends. (Thank heavens IKEA didn’t have a bear rug, or the Snook would’ve had that too.)


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  1. i can never see much on the couchcam.. its always night there when im on.. i want pics! the 70’s rox

  2. Someone got sucked in my the IKEA sale….did you buy any bookshelves?

  3. damn, I need to READ before I hit that button…what I MEANT to say was ‘Someone got sucked in BY the IKEA sale’ oops….

  4. What we got: couch slipcover, remote control holster, two side tables, cookie sheet, chair (the one with the pattern in Interweave Knits, which Helen’s going to lend me), another section of Ivar for our entertainment unit, one big bookcase, two small bookcases, and speaker stands. Thank god for delivery!

    And I’ll take a picture as soon as the living room’s cleaned up and doesn’t look like ass.

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