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Works in Progress

Jigsaw Sock




Cable Throw


As you can see, I’ve currently got three projects on the needles. The first is a sample pair of socks for the shop using some new self-patterning wool we got. The second is the Cheesylove sweater from Knitty that I started almost exactly a year ago. (I recently frogged it back and started over.) And the third is a cabled throw of my own invention. Read on for details.Okay, so the new sock wool is called “Jigsaw” and it’s from Heirloom (though it’s not made in Bendigo; it’s an Italian import). We’ve got eight colors and this is the one that caught my attention first. I’m following the supplied pattern and I’m really happy with how it’s turning out. There’s no way that calf would fit on my chubby leg, but it still looks cool, right? I’m using 2.25mm double-pointed needles. Normally I’d do them on two circulars but Albert wanted me to try out the new rosewood DPNs. I’m ambivalent about them so far. I’ve already snapped one and I think they might be too fragile (at least in the very small diameters) for my admittedly tight tension. The “detail” picture is of the turned heel. I didn’t plan at all for the blue section to wrap around so nicely like that; it was just luck! Now I have to make sure I start the other sock at the exact same point so they match.

As for Cheesylove, I was really unhappy with the pattern (which is why I put it aside in the first place). The big problem was the decreases and increases along the side seams. The pattern just says to do them on either side of the marker, which seriously messes up the nice K2P1 ribbing. So I frogged the whole damn thing back and started from scratch. I even did the ruffle all in one go this time, which meant I had to cast on 1,008 stitches. Yes, FOUR DIGITS WORTH. It was insane. Then the Snook had a brainstorming session with me to work out the best way to do the shaping. I decided instead of a single marker on each side, I’d mark the actual rib that was the side seam. Then I’d mirror my increases/decreases in the ribs on either side so they’d grow or diminish organically. I know, I know; nobody will ever notice (especially since it’s in black 8-ply, and under my arm to boot), but dammit, I will know! So I’m doing it right. I’m actually through with the shaping now and I’m up to the actual fairisle hearts design around the chest. The body of the sweater is done in Heirloom EasyCare 8-ply, while the hearts are worked in Heirloom Aristocrat 12-ply mohair. (The mohair’s a little thicker, but I kinda like the effect. Makes it stand out more.) I haven’t decided yet what to do about the sleeves. I’d almost like to make it short-sleeved but that isn’t one of the pattern options. I’d have to wing it myself. The “detail” shot is my attempt to show you the “organic” increasing and decreasing along the sides. Feel free to mock me and my preciousness.

And lastly, the cabled throw. I lifted the cables themselves from a sweater pattern and laid them out in a new arrangement for this blanket. I’m knitting it out of some lovely (discontinued) Cleckheaton Alpaca/Wool 50/50 blend 8-ply. It’s going to look terrific on the back of our shagadelic brown couch, don’t you think? The “detail” is a close-up of the cable patterns.


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  1. I’ve been reading your weblog for a while now, thought I would finally delurk! Spotted you on the knitting segment on Better Homes & Gardens last night, looked like a fun night.

    Your projects look great. The jigsaw wool looks fantastic!

  2. damn, did anyone tape the knitting thingo on B&G last night? I watched it for about five minutes but they didn’t tease it so I turned it off. bummer.

  3. We got it! Snooky’s converting it for me so I’ll have it uploaded tonight. 🙂

  4. diane schnebli

    May 10, 2005 — 10:52 pm

    where can i get a copy of the jigsaw sock pattern? i bought the wool from mittagong but it didnt come with a pattern and my ancient sock pattern just comes out a color jumble!

  5. Hmm. There’s nothing special to the pattern from memory, Diane. It’s just a regular old sock pattern in the round. About sixty stitches from my memory, and the pattern’s on 2.25mm. I’m doing another one using 2.75mm and it’s coming out fine too. You’re not knitting it flat to sew up later, are you?

    Anyway, we’ve definitely got the pattern at Tapestry Craft if you still want it. Just call us up and ask for the knitting department. We do mail order all the time so we can send one out to you.

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