DietBlog: The all-important weigh-in was tonight… and my stomach was in knots all day. I was so stressed. I felt like it was the day before a final exam. By 5:00 I totally felt like barfing. I just had a horrible little voice in my head saying that it was all a mistake, that the scales had been wrong, that it was all a fluke, that somehow I’d manage to put on weight… It was awful. Eventually it was 5:30 and I headed over to the Dymocks Building. I spotted our group leader Emily and waved nervously. “I think it could be a good night,” I said, pointing at the “Total Loss: 4.9 kilos” in my booklet. “I’m hoping to reach my first goal.” I stepped on to the scales and tried to lean forward to see the digital readout, but I had to settle for watching the attendant scrawl it in my book: “6.0 kilos.” SIX KILOGRAMS. That’s thirteen pounds! The stomach butterflies disappeared. I felt JUBILANT. I rushed to tell Emily and collect my “5 Kilo Achievement Bookmark,” which I promptly MMSed to the Snook. I felt like hugging everybody in the room. I got congratulated by several of the other members. And when I got home, the Snook gave me the biggest, proudest hug EVER.

And yay! I get to go buy my reward tomorrow… Pictures to follow.

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  1. whoo-hoo! well done.

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