500 Hats

The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Howard
Or something. I had some scrap wool lying around so I decided to knit some hats on the weekend. The first I call the “Craig David Minimalist Ribbed Beanie,” so named because it tends to be worn on smooth RnB singers with tiny goatees and it’s so plain it doesn’t even have a cuff. I didn’t have a pattern for it; I just casted on a bunch of stitches on a circular needle and started ribbing away. Eventually I decreased. That’s it! The second one is dubbed the “Call Me MISS Mayim Bialik, Thank You! Sassy Flower Hat,” so named for its propensity to be worn on hippy dippy teenage girls in the 90’s. That one’s actually from a Rowan pattern, though I did enlarge it a bit to accommodate my giant Korean head. I picked up the flower this morning for six bucks at Accessorize. I wasn’t about to wear it in public, but the chick in the shop seemed to think I was rockin’ it… so out into the center of Sydney I strolled. I got some funny looks, and I swear one kid fell down the stairs at the QVB because he was staring at me. That’s the mark of good millinery design, I think.

Craig David Minimalist Ribbed Beanie   Call Me MISS Mayim Bialik, Thank You! Sassy Flower Hat

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  1. That second one is VERY Blossom! Now you need to do some Punky Brewster knits…

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