Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

In other news, check out DeskCam! It took over four hours (and four pots of colour) to get me to this shade of blondeness. (My hairdresser Paige rocks!) The red came out a lot better than I’d hoped, leaving a few random bits of pinkiness throughout that preserve my rock star edge. Or something. I just realized this is my third completely different hair colour in a year. We had brown with blonde streaks, red, and now blonde with pink bits. It’s like my hair attention span keeps getting shorter. Next year I’ll probably have to get a perm.


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  1. come on, no brady perms. no!

    but i love this! i like the cut, too… really pretts!

  2. Hmm. In the light of day, I am definitely more pink than I realized. Reaction at the shop has been mixed (but that might have been just because they had the unrealistic expectation that I could go right to platinum blonde). It’s very Debbie Harry, I think. I just have to give my scalp a break before we can do any further work on it…

  3. I think it looks great. Debbie Harry rocks.

  4. Oh Kris I love it. Nix the perm…remember the one you had when you were about 12…you looked liked Grandmas dog Jody.

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