More on the Calendar Contest

Heh. Miss Helen‘s been talking up Amy‘s and my Knitty Calendar Contest win over on livejournal. I had a bunch of hits from there this morning! In related news, we were sent the cover image so we could verify the spelling of our names and such. It sounds like their aiming to have the calendar available on Monday!


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  1. I *heart* Helen, she’s always got our back!

  2. I’m like your proud Australian mother, only several years younger than you two! 😀
    Now, did you brush your teeth this morning?

  3. I just saw the calendar. Congratulations. It’s a wonderful, wonderful photo.

  4. Yay, thanks for the head’s up Sarah!

  5. You’re welcome! My pic’s the August one. It’s been fun Googling to see if people are talking about it or not. So far, not much, but what I’ve found has been positive. I really liked seeing your full series of images in the Honourable Mentions gallery.

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