Inspired by Brigita and Reen, I’ve created my own Frappr map. Basically, you go there and add yourself to the map so we can all see where the web-goddess readers live. (You can also add a comment and a picture if you want.) Yeah, I know, it’s essentially a navel-gazing exercise but I’m actually interested to see how many Yanks I have versus Aussies. I’m guessing the Yanks would win, but maybe I’ll be surprised… So go add yourself, okay? It’ll take two seconds.

Note: I have to say, that’s a pretty neat service. It works just fine with both my Mac and my international address, which normally cause most other webapps to puke. So no excuses!


Add yours →

  1. Wow, who knew I was so big with the Canadians!?

  2. You know, I think it would be cool to have someone from Mongolia. Alas, the best I have is a regular reader from Nepal.

  3. Hopefully they’ll fix the bug where random people show up in the middle of the ocean (try going back and forth between AussieUS links a few times.) Can’t gripe too much though–it’s free!

  4. You must put that link to the first page. Nobody find it from archives.

  5. Thanks for reminding me…

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