I got suckered into buying a bottle of h2go sparkling tangerine today. I figured it couldn’t be that bad for me, given that it’s basically just water with a little flavouring added. It was only hours later when I was inputting my WW Points for the day that I realized the stuff has 1.5 Points per bottle! I’m better off drinking Diet Coke.


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  1. what on earth? where do you exist that there is a dreamworld of half-points? here in america, how-dog, it’s all or nothing. that’d be 2 points in the (hardass) states…


    water should never trick you!

  2. Really? Wow, we have it good here. Lots of stuff, even official WW stuff, is labelled with half Points. I think that’s the rounding up point, though. Like, one Sumo Salad rice paper roll supposedly has zero Points, yet if you eat four it somehow becomes 1 Point. So there’s rounding in there.

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