An Unpaid Endorsement
I have a new lunchtime addiction: Vermicelli‘s rice paper rolls. They just opened around the corner this week and they’re great! I’ve had the lunch special twice now, and my favorites would have to be the Sesame Beef rolls (they taste like bulgogi!) and the Portuguese Chicken salad. My only regret is they don’t have any nutrition information so I can accurately add up my Points. (I’m going to count them as slightly higher than the Sumo rolls, since they seem to have more meat.)


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  1. If you ask, most places are able to provide nutritional information, even if they don’t have it on obvious display. Or check out if they have a website, or email their head office. I’ve done this with lots of places and they’re happy to provide.

  2. They’re kind of a tiny place though… I figured if it’s not on their website, it probably doesn’t exist. I may ask them for an ingredients list though. I’m less worried about the rice paper rolls and salad (since I can pretty much see what’s in them) than the soups and dips, which might be secretly fatty.

  3. Update! While getting my fix today – garlic tofu rolls and pumpkin soup, both of which were delicious – I asked the nice lady about nutrition information. She said apologetically that “it’s coming,” but added that she could tell me anything I wanted to know about the menu. I said that I was trying to lose weight so I’m mostly concerned about fats and stuff. She confirmed that the prawn rolls have the least fat, probably followed by the honey pork (since it’s grilled). The chicken, beef, and tofu are stir fried with a little oil, so they’d have a bit more fat. I’m thinking I might just add an extra Point to account for it. The dipping sauce is hoisin with plum sauce. She also double-checked on the soup for me and confirmed that the pumpkin doesn’t have any cream in it, just soy milk.

    I also told the lady I’d reviewed the place on my website, so she might be stopping by. Hello!

  4. Vermicelli’s sounds amazing. I wish the lone Vietnamese place in Fort Wayne hadn’t disappeared. 😛

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