I thought the finale of The Biggest Loser was awesome tonight. Sure, there was a lot of filler but that’s what we have a TiFaux for, right? As soon as David came out I felt the tears welling up. It was like the greatest episode of Oprah ever. How could you not just feel so happy for these people and the positive changes they’ve made?! I was a little disappointed that my weirdy-beardy boyfriend Shane – Back off, Gillian! – failed to topple Big Wal, but it was kind of expected. And then the final four… They all looked so amazing. We were doing the math in our heads and it was agonizing to see how close Kristie had come. And then Adro… He’s so cute! I was happy to see his confidence with AJ told him the numbers. I loved the bit at Camp Eden when he jumped off the pole, and it was so completely gratifying to see that pay off tonight. So hooray, for once in the history of reality game shows, the most deserving person won!