Tainted Chocolate

Apparently Cadbury’s is recalling a million chocolate bars that may have been tainted by salmonella. The funny bit is that they’re being all secretive about what they’re going to do with them. “[Cadbury’s] is considering removing all the wrappers and burying the bars. It will not reveal where for fear children will try to find them, says the Mail on Sunday.” Dude, I liked chocolate as a kid too, but I don’t think I’d eat an unwrapped candy bar I DUG OUT OF A DUMP.


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  1. haha dude the way I see some people, you’d think chocolate was heroin. I wouldn’t be surprised if some people *would* dig chocolate out of a dump… and not just kids.

  2. Remember when Mars had the extortion threats and they did the same thing. :S I remember feeling awfully sad seeing footage of thousands of mars bars being dumped.

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