New Poll: In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve implemented a new database-driven polling system that allows me to save poll results. So starting from today, all polls will be archived here. For our first topic, I’ve chosen the age-old question of “Who’s better: Britney or Christina?”. Please register your answer (and reasoning!) over at the left.
Results from the old poll: The breakdown of Kaycee Nicole reactions among my site visitors was pretty much the same as it was among all Netizens. Most of us had heard of her site but never really gave it much thought, while only a few had mourned her and were bitter about the hoax. A few didn’t even think it qualified as a hoax, but rather as a form of “internet art”. And then there was my sister, who can never resist taking the bait of the joke response I always create just for her.


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  1. That picture is sooooo not ok! blech I need to go shower now.

  2. I know! What the hell is that???! (I don’t really want to know. I don’t want to think about it anymore. I’m gonna go throw up.)

  3. they’re both gross. or as J. would say “MTV is what’s wrong with society today.” he preaches that every time i try to sneak a peak at the real world. while i’m typically loath to admit it, the guy has a very valid point.

  4. “If Christina actually does have a stylist, he must be one pissed off homosexual.” A nice quote. But Britney kinda makes me sick, too.

  5. oh yeah, and the poodle is NAS-TAY.

  6. Britney rocks my world

  7. Allow me…..who cares?

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