Reality TV

Reality TV
Of course, I wasn’t cleaning the whole time. The Snook and I managed to find time to work in both the new seasons of Survivor and The Amazing Race. I have to say, I am LOVING the “divided-by-race” thing on Survivor… mostly because the Asians are rocking the house. Two hot Korean-Americans on primetime TV? I really hope my Mom is watching. I don’t want to give too much away (in case Nine gets off their collective ass and decides to show it here), but let’s just say I’m enjoying this concept way more than I expected to. It helps that most of the contestants are good-humoured about the whole thing. (And did I mention Yul’s hotness?)

And then there was the Race… which I’m also enjoying. No one’s leapt out as a personal favorite yet, but no one’s really grated yet either. I admit I cringed when the Kentucky couple were introduced. I’m probably related to them. But you know what? They rocked. They were friendly; they were open-minded; and so far they haven’t embarrassed me one friggin’ bit. Unlike the dad who confessed to “a little disappointment” because his daughter’s a lesbian. (Me: “OH NO HE DI’NT!”) So yeah, I forgot about him. He grated. He’s trying to make up for it though, so I’ll grudgingly give him a momentary pass. He better improve. A big thumb’s up to the eating challenge though, and to that damn rope climb. I hope this is a sign of (legitimately difficult) challenges to come.

Lastly, there’s our very own Australian Idol. CONGRATULATIONS to all the ladies, I have to say! (Except Klancie. I like pretty Shania, but Klancie seems to be channeling slutty dominatrix Shania. *shudder*) Lavina was the most “fun” we’ve seen her and I really want her to do well. (Mostly because I was never a fan of her sister Emily, and I want her to do well by comparison.) Jessica was friggin’ INCANDESCENT though, and that was literally the best response I’ve ever seen to a judge’s comments. I was so cheering for her to get a touchdown. Suck it, Sandilands! Lisa has also completely turned it around and she’s now back in my good books. That was a perfect song choice for her, and she nailed her delivery. Good, good, good. The boys though? Not so great.

Amy: Dude, Bobby? Was not good tonight.
Me: I know! Bobby phoned that one in from the parking lot.
Amy: Ha! Word.

My boy Chris was a bit underwhelming as well. Damien gave a great performance, but it was so understated I’m not sure people will remember it. Ricky was okay, but he is so intensely desperate to do well that it makes me nervous for him. Dean picked yet another perfect song and gave it his (okay) best, but damn that boy brings the pretty. And Mutto… Mutto has constipation face. We have no need for Mutto.

So if we could just get rid of Klancie and Mutto, I would literally have no problem with *any* of them winning this year. Which is why, uh, I finally got sucked into voting. I can’t help it! They’ve gotten me emotionally invested. And here I am blogging about it, just as James Mathison predicted I would. Damn you, Channel 10!


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  1. I read in the SMH today that Nine has replaced Rome (Wed nights) with Survivor – hurrah! Now if Seven would follow suit with Race, we’d be set!
    On Idol – I was sad about Bobby, but remembered that Casey Donovan did the same thing with Eleanor Rigby, and she still won (although on reflection, not sure if that is such a good thing…)

  2. That’s weird. I was looking on their website last night to see if there was any mention and there wasn’t! But that’s great; if they can get caught up then we won’t have to download it anymore.

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