New poll is up. If you don’t get it, please head to your video store and stand in the 1980’s section until you do. (“Did you have a brain tumor for breakfast?”)
Results of the old poll. I’m happy to report that almost 79% of you preferred Britney to Christina. I apologize to those of you whose retinas were permanently damaged by the picture of Christina’s testicle. I’ll try and warn you about that stuff in the future.

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  1. crap…feeling pretty lame here…StEsF?

    (encrypted so as not to ruin the fun of others. ha.)

  2. Nope! Good guess though. Here’s another hint: “Lick it up, baby. Lick it up.”

  3. ah, yes…i got it now.

    of course i did have to cheat

  4. and since i’m cheating, my personal favorite:

    V’s dad: Somebody tell me why I read these damn spy novels.
    V: Because you’re an idiot.
    V’s dad: Oh yeah, that’s right.

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