Margaret and David

Margaret and David
Ma Snook’s down for the weekend, so last night she and I headed over to gleebooks for the launch of David Stratton’s memoirs. The book’s called “I Peed on Fellini,” and we had a great time listening to the story that inspired the title. The main theme of the night – and, according to David, the reason he wrote the book – was film censorship in Australia. Margaret was there of course, interviewing him and adding her own colourful commentary. (My favorite part of the night was when she referred to the Attorney General of South Australia as “pussy whipped.”) They also referred to the good ol’ days at SBS a bit, at which point Ma Snook elbowed me and whispered: “See? You didn’t want to work there anyway!” All in all, a fun evening.

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  1. What great fun!

    I’ve read the book and it is a fabulous read. I really want Margaret to write a book.

    My only critisim is that the second half, and in particular the last 20 odd years, is very rushed compared to the first part.

    Very entertaining.

  2. LOL – I spyed that book in Pentimento the other day… loved the title!

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