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(Ha! I just had an email asking if I was all right, seeing as how I hadn’t blogged in two days. At least I know I’ll never go missing with you folks around.) Anyhoo, I spent most of Saturday afternoon working on a new knitting project: Rusted Root. It’s a little cotton T-shirt with a puffy sleeves and a lace panel down the front. It’s knitted from the top down, which is nice because you can try it on for size as you go! I’m probably a third of the way done with it. Saturday night we headed into the city for a friend’s surprise birthday party. Unfortunately it was also Mardi Gras, which meant fighting our way through crowds of slutted-up freshers in sparkly cowboy hats. (Theory: Mardi Gras in Sydney is like Halloween in Sunnydale. Most of the actual gay people stay far, far away, and you’re just left with kids playing in costume.) We had a fantastic meal at Bar Reggio in Darlinghurst. I walk past there every day on my way to work, and it always smells fantastic. The service was execrable, but the food made up for it. (Excitement! The Snook spotted the Critic from The Chopping Block unsuccessfully trying to get a table.) We got home very late, and Sunday we slept in as long as the cats would let us. I spent most of Sunday setting up my new Macbook, which we bought Thursday night. The Snook managed to remove the hard drive from my dead iMac and set it up so I could transfer everything to the new computer. Then we took the iMac back to the Apple Store where they – as expected – quoted me like $1500 to fix it. Eek. I spent hours futzing around with iLife ’09, including the fun “Faces” feature within iPhoto. I also got DeskCam working again, in case you missed it. I had planned to go for a long run this evening, but the skies opened and it poured rain. So it was a quiet night in for me.

And did I mention that the Snook has a new job? No? It’s pretty cool. He starts in three weeks. 🙂


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  1. ok, that photo really freaked me out…I thought you had some REALLY high waisted pants on…

  2. What?! It’s a tank top! I mean, yeah, I’m a dag, but I’m not THAT MUCH of a dag.

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