ND Student has swine flu!

Holy crap! The confirmed case of swine flu in northern Indiana is actually a Notre Dame student! That’s one way to get out of your mid-terms. In all seriousness though, this will probably keep us from visiting home until the whole thing blows over. Not because I fear the swine flu, but just because we’d probably have to deal with all sorts of hassles when we got back here. (Right, Gadgetgirl?)

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  1. It actually wasn’t that big of a deal at the airport, they just told me to go see my doctor, but then again, I hadn’t been to a place that was highly affected. We’ll see how Rob goes when he comes back on Friday morning!

  2. They’re talking about closing schools now. This is nuts. 😛

  3. WHAT THE HELL? Seriously? Man, hysteria.

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