AHA! Some poopies have been stealing my images again, but I’ve got a new way to thwart them. I’ve rolled it out on Roald Dahl Fans.com and I’ll add it to w-g soon. Beware the wrath of Kris!


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  1. waHOO! way to get ’em, kris!

    …but aren’t they still stealing your bandwidth?

  2. Well, actually, yeah. Snookums and I just discussed this at lunch. I was all about “naming and shaming” though, just to get a small measure of retaliation. But on second though, I realize that’s just silly. I’m just going to log who they are and what they’re stealing in a database, and then e-mail them privately. All that will appear on their site is a broken image.

  3. probably the best route to take. you wouldn’t want some crazy getting pissy and messing with your site or spam-bombing you at the very least. 🙂

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