Little Rascals
Wow. I think I’ve mentioned before that every now and then I stumble across some cultural touchstone of my childhood that the Snook didn’t experience here in Australia, and it’s always really weird. At some point I became aware that he’d never seen the Little Rascals. The series wasn’t unknown here (Ma Snook knew of it), but it wasn’t shown every day after school like it was in the 80’s for us. On Wednesday, Ma Snook came to Sydney and lent us a DVD entitled “The Best of the Little Rascals.” It was six episodes, and we watched the whole thing tonight. OH MAN, NOSTALGIA. I don’t think I’d seen any of those in probably 20 years at least. The first couple were from when Spanky was still really little, and we both freaked out how much he looks like Penn! (Seriously, Sis. There’s a Halloween costume in the making.) And I remembered so much of them! I think I’d seen every episode. I found myself recalling the obscure kids’ names and knowing what was about to happen. Best of all, it ended with “Hearts are Trumps,” source of my numerous quotes about the He-Man Woman Haters Club. It was so fun.

Also – Spanky’s catchphrase was “Okey-dokey”? Is THAT why I say it all the time?? Seriously, I caught a ton of phrases and inflections from me, my sister, and my brother in there…

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