A little stressed
I’ve got three weeks til we go on holiday, and so so much to do.

  • Finish a mammoth spec at work so the guys have things to work on in my absence.
  • Prepare a presentation on Roald Dahl to give to 120 third-graders next week. (My nephew Kurt told his teacher about my website, so they invited me to speak.)
  • Get everything ready for knitting camp, including the syllabus for the sock class I’m teaching, the Internet presentation I’m giving, and the trivia quiz our group is providing.
  • Prepare and send out this year’s Halloween Party invitation.
  • Get everything ready for Eileen’s arrival. I cleaned my office (i.e. the guest room) yesterday and it was like tidying the psychic blockage in my own head. (I’ve also got to finish knitting the gift I’m making for her.)
  • Meet up with Erin the house/cat-sitter and make sure everything’s in order for her.
  • Get everything ready for the October guild meeting, including finding us a secondhand filing cabinet and organising for the Food for the Future Fair.

Oh crap. When I write it out like that, there’s even more than I realised.


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  1. I hope you are off somewhere nice!

  2. Delegate….. there must be some of it capable of being delegated, palmed off, gotten rid of.. 🙂 and hey you made a start you at least have a list

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