Boba Fett!

Boba FettThat bounty hunter is my kind of scum!
The Snook and I both discovered rather last minute that some folks in our respective offices would be dressing up for Halloween. I quickly laid claim to the Snook’s Boba Fett helmet. As I was getting dressed this morning, I lamented that I didn’t have a blaster. “Yes you do!” Snookums said. “Your stepmom got you one for Christmas years ago. It’s still in the package!” And so it was! Frickin’ awesome. I brought along a bunch of stuff to decorate my desk and cracked open a bag of candy corn for my co-workers. (The Snook went as Indiana Jones, but I haven’t gotten a picture yet.)

And no, these aren’t our official costumes for the party tomorrow… You’ll have to wait another day!

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  1. Mark has taught Alexander to say “Boba Fett?! Where!” if he ever hears anyone say Boba Fett. A will stop whatever he is doing and says it really loudly, and then laugh and laugh. Also, he says it whenever Mark wears his Boba Fett t-shirt (which is pretty often).

  2. I covet the Boba Fett helmet!

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