Roller Skates

Did you own a pair of these roller skates? I own a pair EXACTLY LIKE THAT. I really should take them skating, but I have no idea where I can skate in Sydney. (Also, I really want to go to that Powerhouse exhibition.)


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  1. yes we do – here in the wardrobe dept – there are at least 2 pairs I know of….

  2. I had the sneaker style ones. There used to be a myriad of rinks Petersham (The building is still there but it is awaiting redevelopment), Bankstown, Campbelltown all had big indoor rinks and I recall Sefton had an outdoor one. There were heaps of others all over Sydney.

    We always used to skate when on holidays at Narooma (outdoor on old basketball courts) on teh South Coast of NSW.

    A link that won’t post well I am sure to a SMH article stating Sefton and Penrith Skatel as the only 2 left in 2007.

    And Penrith Still exists

    A bit of a hike to relive that early teenage experience

  3. When I arrived in Sydney back in 2000 the only place I knew of to skate was Centennial Park. I would love to go skating again…

  4. I had a pair exactly like that but got rid of them when I moved to Sydney 7 years ago. I have a more up to date pair but also don’t know anywhere here I can use them.

  5. yep, I had these skates with pom-poms.

  6. I used to have a pink pair that were quite similar to that style. They were awesome! My mum used to work for a church charity bin organisation, amazing the things that would turn up!

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