A tip for you webloggers: Never, ever try to psychoanalyze someone based on their weblog. Just because they might be a famous person doesn’t mean they won’t track you down. And two days later they might continue to rip on you on their website. And that will make you feel bad.

(Okay, okay. So Wil’s not really ripping on me so much as Brigita. But I did say he had issues. And we’re both really, really sorry. *sob*)


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  1. *snicker*

  2. Hey, you were involved too! Don’t be snickering at us. Wil Wheaton’s just as pissed at you. He hates us. We should form a club.

  3. It’s just all so sad in a 13year old girl kind of way.

    I’m heartless, I’m not sorry. My husband is a Trekkie. I am not. I hate Wil Wheaton, dammit

  4. even though i’m on vacation and house-hunting, i still took the time to reply to mista wil.

    because the last thing i want to do is to get into a potential flame-war with Gordie.

  5. Brigita, I bow down to thee. That is FABULOUS. I’m still chuckling about it now.

    I did love all the ass-kissers. “Gee, Wil (can I call you that). It’s soo grand of you to share w/ us, but so insightful of you not to post too much. Boy, there are some crazies out there, aren’t there? (please don’t think I’m weird, I just looooooove you!!)”

    Did I lay it on thick enough? 😉

  6. aw, thanks, jenny. i tried to respond to his negative comments and get my point across without being overly rude.

    so has anyone noticed that his site is down?

  7. I’d have to be paying attention to notice *meow*
    Never taking drama, I have to settle for being facetious, damn it

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