Weekend in Kiama

Surf Beach in KiamaWeekend in Kiama
For those who weren’t following along on Twitter, the Snook and I spent last weekend in Kiama on the south coast of New South Wales. It was BEAUTIFUL. I took a bunch of photos. Special thank you to Kylie and Ailsa for meeting up with us at the Guild meeting and going out for coffee afterwards! (And thanks to Miss Fee for looking in on the oblivious felines.)


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  1. the photo of the snook and the gnarly tree and the godlight should be framed and named “godd.” 🙂

  2. you did such a good job at guild, it was nice to meet the snook too!

  3. Am (only slightly) disappointed that your visit didn’t include Jamberoo (where YOU control the ACT-SHUN!)

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