Geek Girl Runner Episode 007
While those of you in the U.S. are celebrating Memorial Day weekend, Down Under we’re counting down the last two days of Autumn before Winter begins in earnest. It’s been cold, windy, and rainy in Sydney; the kind of week where you prefer to curl up under a blanket rather than drag yourself out of bed to exercise. I recorded the long-awaited Episode 7 of the Geek Girl Runner podcast tonight – IN A SINGLE TAKE! – huddled in my cosy closet. This episode features: what’s been keeping me busy lately (both running and otherwise); recaps of the two races I ran this past month; a training update; emails, comments, and shout-outs; and ruminations on running for goals versus running for fun. I hope you like it!

Show links:
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Sydney Half-Marathon race report
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Corso La Meta – podcast and blog by JayDub
Elkhart County Fair 5K Road Run
Fun Run Pink 10K
Blackmore’s Half-Marathon – part of Sydney Running Festival
Runners Round Table
“Mixed Media: Podcasts you can run with” from The Buffalo News
Marathon Woman Returns! – blog of Elma
Chacos on the Run – blog of Shayna
One Girl Running – blog of Heidi
You Don’t Have to Run Alone – blog and podcast of Ted

Thanks as usual to Nick Arthur for the use of his song “Little Donut Party”!