Oh. My. God. I’d heard of Spoonflower before but, as I wasn’t really a sewer, I hadn’t had much cause to visit. I just checked it out again. You guys, it’s basically Threadless for fabric! You can upload your own design and get it printed, and you can also buy designs that other people have uploaded to sell. They’re having a contest at the moment to pick a favorite robot fabric. ROBOT FABRIC. Excuse me while I just go “Squeeee!” in the corner. (I could have a robot skirt. ROBOT SKIRT! ROBOT SKIRT!)

Edited to add: Seamstresses! Which fabric do I need for a skirt? Will the quilting cotton work? Will it be too thin?


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  1. Cotton’ll work if it’s lined or you’re wearing a slip. Otherwise, it depends on how heavy the cotton is, how dense the weave is, the color of the fabric and if you’re standing in front of a light source with your legs apart.

    I say, if you’ve got a print you love, buy what you need and assume you’ll line it.

  2. Would you go with the cotton twill then? It’s more expensive, but I guess it’d save me from lining it.

  3. I often use the quilting cotton for skirts. I used to think that lining skirts was a HUGE waste of time. But when I finally succumbed it made so much difference to the feel and sturdiness of the skirt. Much better than a bit of facing at the top, no rolling and no extra bulky lines where you don’t want it all over your hips. I use a cheap muslin (tighter weave is good for the cooler months too. But be careful if you’re planning on wearing your skirt with tights as the muslin can bunch up – not good, so a little bit of faux satiny stuff is best for winter skirts or skirt fabrics with texture etc.
    I sometimes find the twills a bit boring a stiff.
    And though I love this book, http://www.amazon.com/Sew-What-Skirts-Fabulous-Fabrics/dp/1580176259, I find the best A line pattern is Amy Butlers Barcelona skirt.

  4. Go the quilters cotton Kris – its fine if its not white. I’ve made dresses out of it and there’s no worries.

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