Shared today on Google Reader

Shared today on Google Reader:

  • Hedgehog Mittens – Cute! Knitters – anybody know what stitch gives that nobbly texture?

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  1. Probably trinity stitch or a variation thereof. They’d be a bugger to knit, but they are mega-cute. Of course, there are no hedgehogs in Australia, so they might puzzle a few people too. 🙂

  2. Isn’t it just plain old bobble stitch?

  3. I don’t think so, Brittanie. They’re too “pokey”. Somebody on Google Reader suggested you do it by casting on extra stitches and then immediately cast them off to make little bits that stick out. I can see that working, but man, it would take aaaaaaaages.

  4. Since I’m currently obsessed with mittens, (Northern hemisphere winter, and outdoor sports!), I have bought the kit. I’ll tell you what stitch when it arrives. (Not to start a copyright debate, but I’m sure that saying “Yeah, it’s Pomerian Bobble weave stitch” is within fair use.)

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