Oscar Contest – Final Update!

Oscar Contest – Final Update! I will stop taking entries as soon as the show starts at 5pm California time (which is noon Sydney time). You’ll be able to follow along with the scores on this page, which should update as each award is announced. Good luck everybody!

And if you’re watching the show life – which I’m not since I’m at work – please count the dead people for me in the obituary montage and leave a comment here after it’s finished.

Update: Entries are now closed!


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  1. So sorry to miss the contest, but since I never seem to get to the movies anymore, I wouldn’t have had a chance. Good luck, everyone! What a fabulous prize, Kris!!

  2. I counted 41 including Lena Horne who Halle Berry did the tribute to afterwards.

  3. Thanks Shayna! My other counters seem to agree with you. 41 it is…

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