Week 15
After last week’s monumental distance, this week ended up being a lot shorter. Sunday I went out for my scheduled 10K with the Snook. We did 1:1 all the way to Newtown where we met Miss Fee for a jog around Sydney Park. Great run with good friends! Monday I was feeling frisky so I did a Spudds circuit in the evening. It was a good workout, but my hamstring was feeling pretty tender afterwards. Tuesday I gave blood, so a deserved day of rest. Wednesday I meant to do Spudds again, but I felt pretty crappy. My allergies were acting up, and I had an awful sinus headache. I piked and rested. Thursday I still had the headache, but I dragged myself out for an easy jog at lunchtime. That afternoon, I discovered the point of my left cheek/jaw was tender and sore… which meant my mystery infection has returned! (My doctor suspects an infected salivary gland.) I took Friday off to rest and get antibiotics. WHAT A SUCKY WEEK.

Apr. 10: 10.31km
Apr. 14: 4.71km
Total this week: 15.02km (9.4mi)
Total in 2011: 359.22km (224.5mi)

In order to meet my goal of running 1100km in 2011, I should be at 317.3km right now. So I’ve still got a hefty 40km cushion. One more week of cutback before the next long one. Hopefully I’ll be feeling better by then!

Edited to add: I’ve just re-read last week’s entry… and I TOTALLY JINXED MYSELF, DIDN’T I? Gahhh.

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