Week 28
My distance cushion is disappearing! I guess that’s the point of building it up, so that I’ve got it to burn when I have a week like this. The ankle sprain I suffered on Friday ended up being a little worse than I thought. When I got home that night, it was swollen and bruised and painful. I kept it wrapped in a compression bandage most of the weekend, and I tried to keep it elevated as best I could. Sunday we were scheduled to run 13km, but I reluctantly stayed home to rest the ankle. (Snookums ran it without me and he did a GREAT job! I really, really wanted to go with him.) Monday it was feeling marginally better, so I managed a Spudds class that night. Tuesday I tested it on a run with Raj, and it actually felt pretty good! Wednesday I had another Spudds class at lunch. At that point the swelling was mostly gone, though I still had a nasty bruise below the ankle. (I tend bruise pretty easily though.) I wanted to get in another run on Thursday or Friday, but frankly I just didn’t have time. I’ve got some new responsibilities at work, and they’ve been keeping me busy. I was tempted to try to make the run up yesterday, but I remembered Hal Higdon’s advice: Never try to make up a missed run. It’s gone. The rest will have done me good.

July 12: 5.48km
Total this week: 5.48km (my lowest ALL YEAR!)
Total in 2011: 686.2km (428.9mi)

In order to meet my goal of running 1200km in 2011, I should be at 646km right now. So I’ve still got 40km in the bank… I just hope I don’t have to rely on them anymore!