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Sometimes the best part of being a grownup is being able to recreate the things you loved as a kid. ❤️😲

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Excited to kick off tonight’s New Horizon’s speed mentoring sessions! #nhwomenintech

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Well that’s different. 🦄🍷

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The Snook is in the US for work, and he spent the weekend with my sister @howdyamy and her family for my niece’s birthday. Me: How did the cake turn out? Him: Moms are coming. I think they’ll judge me. Me: You’re a handsome Aussie who works at Google and made his niece a POOL CAKE. You’re fine. ❤️

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My first go at @smittenkitchen’s zucchini bread. Supposedly it’ll be even better tomorrow!

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My valiant effort at an English muffin Croque Monsieur. Not much to look at, but it was very tasty!

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High point of the morning. (The low point was the 10min two grown-ass adults spent trying to get a pill down a cat’s throat.) 😾

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The AWS dress is off, and it’s time to #wearitpurple. “We’re all human; we’re all different; we’re all equal.” 💜🏳️‍🌈

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My particularly beatific Charlie Brown. 😇 Still one of my all-time favourite knits!

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Finally got the pins I ordered. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

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