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Taking the ‘booch production up a notch. (Come on, little SCOBY! You can do it!) #kombucha

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Confession: they were my figs. (I was out of truffle honey though.)

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When you’re having a hard week, a thoughtful surprise from a friend makes all the difference! Thanks @jpofoz… ❤️💐

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A beautiful, windy Fall day to say goodbye to my dear friend and champion Albert. One of the genuinely best – most generous, humblest, kindest – people I’ve ever met. So many people were there to share how he touched our lives. The rabbi said there’s a Hebrew word for a soul that becomes an advocate for his loved ones back on earth, and if it’s true for anyone, it’s true for him. ❤️

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At the Opera House to see the Cure. (Sadly, zero chance I get to snog a dude in eyeliner thanks to the Snook’s cold.)

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Five Boros Craft Beer Fest with the amazing @tinypang. MISS HER!! 🍻❤️🇦🇺

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No #democracysausage for those voting early/overseas, so we made do with a “jumbo with everything” from an NYC 🌭 cart!

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“The streets are paved with diamonds and there’s just so much to see, but the best thing about New York City is… you and me.” – Cub ❤️

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Fearless girls.

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Beers in Valhalla. WITNESS ME, BROTHER! #shiny

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