Recently I gave talks in Sydney and Melbourne as part of the Dream Collective Career Summit. The Dream Collective is an off-shoot of Little Girl Big Dream, and it aims to connect and develop high-calibre young professional women from 25-35. For this event, they pulled together a number of speakers for “TED-style talks” about intrapreneurship. My friend Eileen attended the Melbourne event and was able to film my talk. Here it is!

There’s a hilarious 30s bit in the middle where Eileen accidentally hit stop on the video, so I had to recreate that part at home. In case you’re wondering. 🙂

If you’d like a closer look at my slides, they’re here. Special thanks to Guy Kawasaki for his writings on intrapreneurship (especially this blog post), and to Poppie Pack for helping tweak the design of my slides. The whole presentation was design in Canva, of course!

I also took some photos on the day of previous speakers as well as our panel at the end. Thank you so much to Sarah and the Dream Collective team for inviting me!