Dagwood dog

You might think I’m eating a corn dog. You’d be wrong! In Australia they’re called Dagwood Dogs. I have no idea why. Pretty good, though!

Food vendor

All the best foods come on a stick.

Cheese on a stick

Snookums and Amy are unable to resist the lure of “cheese on a stick”.


Amy dribbles cheese.

Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme has recently opened in Sydney and it’s become the hugest food fad. They had a tent at the Show and people were waiting half an hour just for doughnuts. Where the heck is Dunkin’? I keep telling people they kick Krispy Kreme’s ass.

Rave Cave

Hi, the 90’s called and they want their “Rave Cave” back. Thanks.

Corn on a stick

I don’t quite get the concept of putting corn on a stick. I mean, it’s pretty easy to eat as it is. There must’ve been a Show quota for foods served on a stick.


Amy enjoys her corn.

Fluffy kitty

The cat house was really crowded. This sleepy Persian was entirely hidden except for its crazy poofy tail.