Murder Mystery Party, July 10, 2004

The game begins with everyone reading their character information and then introducing themselves. The first round then starts as people question each other about information and clues pertaining to the death of Hal Coppone. We served antipasto and cocktails for this first round. We also listened to period music as well as the introductory CD that came with the game.

Torchy introduces herself - click to 
enlargeTorchy introduces herself.

other suspects size each other up - click to enlargeThe other suspects size each other up.

Ernie - click to enlargeErnie is always stylish.

Socks and Silky - click to enlargeSocks and Silky check out a map of the Luxington Gardens Hotel where Cappone lived. Round Two was accompanied by the second course of the evening, Risotta Milanese. (Risotto with saffron.) Delicious...

Silky, Molly, and Torchy - click to enlargeSilky, Molly, and Torchy relax between rounds.

Scoop and Socks - click to enlargeScoop tries to look innocent as she questions Socks for information.

Ernie - click to enlarge"You win some, you lose some." Ernie explains his philosophy of life.

Silky - click to enlargeSilky looks on.

Harrow - click to enlargeThe District Attorney tries to defend himself against accusations of bribery and corruption. (Incidentally, we now have conclusive proof that Steve is a replicant. It's all about the glowing red eyes...)

Billy and Ernie - click to enlargeBilly addresses accusations of game-fixing while Ernie clears away the main course, veal scallopini with roasted vegetables.

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1920's Murdery Mystery Party
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