Round-the-World Holiday, June 23 - July 28, 2003

Snook in the Colosseum

Snookums in the Colosseum.

Inside Colosseum

More Colosseum.

Me and Snook

Ack! Please ignore my horrible double chin. Another bad self-portrait.

Constantine's Arch

This 4th century triumphal arch near the Colosseum is dedicated to the emperor Constantine.

Temple of Venus and Rome

Ruins of the Temples of Venus and Rome, which you can see from the Colosseum.


Visitors have not always been kind to the Colosseum. This wall has names carved and graffitied all over it.

Me and Snook

Here we are near the floor of the Colosseum. It originally had a wooden floor which served to soak up spilled blood. (Ick.) They could also flood it with water and stage mock sea battles, apparently.

View from Palatine Hill

Our tickets also got us onto the nearby Palatine Hill, which used to be where all the rich folks and emperors had their houses. Here's the view back towards the Colosseum.

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