Us on Boston Common bridge

Here’s the Snook and I posing on the little bridge over the swan boat lagoon.

George Washington

Okay, here’s the thing about random scenic pictures: I don’t like to take them. I think it’s incredibly pointless to spend your vacation taking pictures of things everybody’s seen on television or postcards. The only way to make them interesting is to put people in them. That’s why I usually try to get either the Snook or I in most of those pictures. That said, I will take a scenic picture if I think it’ll make an interesting photo in its own right or if it’s something I don’t think many folks have seen before. I took this picture of the statue of George Washington in Boston Common for the former reason. It was just so cool and imposing and I thought it would look neat against the blue sky. Anyway, I just wanted to prepare you for the lack of pictures of famous stuff later on in Italy…

Make way for ducklings!

Make way for ducklings! (And Snookums.) This statue commemorates the famous children’s book by Robert McCloskey.

Paul Revere's grave

Paul Revere’s grave. Pretty cool.

Kris riding the donkey

As Boston has been a predominantly Democratic city, the Old City Hall has a statue of a donkey out front. (The donkey being the symbol of the Democratic party in America.) A sign nearby welcomed visitors to ride they donkey if they were so politically inclined. Bleeding heart liberal that I am, I couldn’t resist.

Snook on Old Ironsides

Near the end of the Freedom Trail you come to the USS Constitution, aka “Old Ironsides”. Here’s the Snook examining a cannon on deck.

Me on Old Ironsides

And here I am driving her!

RiggingA shot of the ship’s rigging. They still take her out in the harbour once a year, but nowadays she gets towed rather than unfurl the sails.