Trip to Cedar Point – June 1-10, 2001

Okay, so on Monday the 4th me, Snookums, Amy, and Ant piled into my rental car (a sweet Sonata that they upgraded me to free!) and drove the three hours to Cedar Point. We checked in at Breakers Express and headed to Challenge Park to ride the go-karts and play mini-golf. We were up bright and early the next morning and headed for the park.

The Millennium Force - click to enlargeMy family's been going to Cedar Point just about every summer for as long as I can remember, but I've missed the last couple years. In that time they introduced a new roller coaster: the Millennium Force. It's the tallest, fastest, steepest roller coaster in the world. Here's our view of it driving to the park.

Waiting - click to enlargeApparently everybody else in the world had the same idea to get there early, so we had to wait in a large crowd for the gates to open. Antny is obviously still asleep, Amy's excited to get to the rides, and Snookums is contemplating the Millennium Force, which we've decided to ride first.

Me and Snookums - click to enlargeHere's a staggeringly unattractive photo of yours truly and Snookums in line. My Dad said he waited over four hours to ride the Millennium last year, so we decided to go straight to it to minimize the time standing around. As it turns out, so few people were in the park that day that we only waited about 15 minutes for this ride, and barely at all for anything else.

Antny is confident - click to enlargeMy brother is incapable of looking normal in a photograph. He's always gotta make a face. Here he is showing off as we leave the station. (Or it might be at the end of the ride. I can't really tell. Amy took this one.)

Amy and Ant on the hill - click to enlargeHere's a self-portrait of Amy and Ant as the train climbs the first hill. The ride uses a new elevator-type cable lift system that pulls you up very smoothly and very fast. Snookums and I are in the seats behind them, preparing to crap ourselves at any moment. (My sister took all the pictures on the ride with her little disposable camera, despite it being highly forbidden. She's nuts.)

Scary curve - click to enlargeThough the Millennium doesn't go upside down at all, there are some really steep banked turns. Here's one of them that my crazy sister was able to snap.

Me and Snookums - click to enlargeAt one point, Amy held her arms up and took a picture with the camera facing backwards. Here's the resulting shot of me behind her. Snookums is to my right. He looks kinda hunched down because, as he himself put it, the G-forces caused his spine to telescope and shrink him to half his height. (Not really, but there were some serious G's going on there.)

The empty park - click to enlargeThis shot demonstrates how empty it was in the park. Isn't that nuts? Seriously, we walked on to nearly every ride in the park. We skipped all the water rides, though, since it was rather chilly. That's Snake River Falls running empty there behind us.

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Trip to Cedar Point
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