Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals #30: Steak Sarnie
This was our 30th
cooking/blogging experiment from Jamie’s
30 Minute Meals
. For this week, we chose “Steak Sarnie, Crispy New
Potatoes, Cheesy Mushrooms, and Beetroot Salad.” We made this meal on
Saturday, the day before the Sydney Running Festival Half-Marathon. We
chose it because we had the episode recorded, and it seemed like a
good choice for a pre-race meal: a good amount of carbs, but not
overly heavy like pasta. We also prepared this for lunch instead of
dinner so we could just eat a light meal of leftovers in the evening.
I was on chef’s duty for this one and I was flyin’! I finished it in

Steak Sarnie

Substitutions: We already had normal
potatoes on hand so I used those instead of buying “New” potatoes. You
can’t get pre-cooked beetroot here, so I simply boiled mine up ahead
of time. We’re not 100% certain if our mushrooms were Portobellos; basically we just got the biggest ones we could find. I was going to use the jarred red peppers as indicated, but when I opened mine they were moldy so I left them out. Other than that, everything was as written in the recipe.

I had guessed this one would be a crowd-pleaser, but it
ended up being somewhat divisive! It was mostly the mushrooms. Neither
of us are big mushroom eaters, but I’ve been making an effort to learn
to like them. I actually really liked these. I thought the
strong flavours and the rich cheese really complimented the thick slab
of mushroom. The Snook didn’t like the texture of the mushroom itself
though. The sandwich and the potatoes were good, and the beetroot
salad was tasty and different. Overall I rated the meal an 8.5 out of
10, while the Snook rated it an 8. It’s a simple, quick, and (mostly)
unobjectionable meal that lots of folks should like.

Read on
for a photo essay of the preparation.Pre-start prep: We got out all the necessary ingredients,
tools, and cooking vessels. The kitchen was clean (well, as clean as
it gets) and everything wiped down and ready to go. The oven grill was
turned on full whack, the kettle was boiled, and the food processor
was fitted with the grating attachment.

First up are the
ingredients for the potatoes: potatoes, garlic, rosemary, and


Next are the components
for the cheesy mushrooms: Portobello mushrooms, garlic, chilli,
parsley, lemon, and Cheddar cheese.


For the beetroot salad: pre-cooked
beetroot, balsamic vinegar, lemon, parsley, and feta

Beetroot salad ingredients

Lastly, for the steak sarnie: rump steak, thyme, a
ciabatta loaf, jarred peppers, parsley, horseradish, and

Steak sarnie ingredients

food processor was fitted with the grating attachment.


Pots and pans, ready to go! The baking
tray is for the mushrooms. The frying pan is for the potatoes, and the
grill pan is for the steak.

Pots and

Allez cuisine! I started by prepping the
potatoes, cutting them into smaller chunks.


These went into the frying pan with a
kettle full of boiling water. I also added garlic cloves and

Cooking the potatoes

Next I
peeled the mushrooms. As Jamie says on the episode: This is very

Peeling the mushrooms

For the
flavouring, I crushed some garlic and chopped up half a red

Garlic and chilli

To this I also
added parsley and lemon zest.


I finished it with olive oil, salt, and


The flavour mix got
rubbed all over the mushrooms and piled up inside. Then I added a few
chunks of cheese to each one. The tray then went into the oven under
the grill.

Adding cheese

Time to grate the

Grating beetroot

I drizzled it
with balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil…

the salad

…and salt and pepper…


…and lemon juice.

Squeezing lemon

I also finely chopped some
parsley and added that.

Chopping parsley

finish the salad, I put it in a bowl and crumbled feta cheese on

Adding feta

Here’s the finished
beetroot salad.

Finished salad

Now for the steak. I sprinkled it with salt and pepper and then picked over some fresh thyme leaves. I also drizzled it with olive oil.

Seasoning the steak

The potatoes were done, so I drained them…

Draining potatoes

…and then returned them to the pan with some olive oil to get crispy. I also put the steak into the hot grill pan.

Frying the potatoes

After a few minutes, I flipped the steak over. Looking good!

Cooking steak

I copied a trick from the episode. I fished out some of the garlic cloves from the potatoes and mashed them up on the board with a fork. I seasoned it with salt and pepper and put it back in with the potatoes.

Mashed garlic

This is where I’m meant to be making the “salsa” for the sandwich. I’ve chopped up all the parsley, but when I opened my peppers, I could see they were moldy. So we only had parsley and olive oil.

Chopped parsley

The steak was cooked, so I placed it on the board on top of the parsley mix to rest.

Resting the steak

Next I sliced open our ciabatta loaf…

Slicing the ciabatta

…drizzled it with extra virgin olive oil…

Drizzling with oil

…and spread it with horseradish.


I gave our rocket a quick wash…

Washing the rocket

…then added it as the base of the sandwich.

Adding the rocket

Then it was finally time to slice up the steak!

Slicing the steak

I piled the slices up on the bread to finish the sandwich.

Piling the slices of steak

I finished the crispy potatoes with a squeeze of lemon juice.

Lemon juice

The mushrooms were well done, so I pulled them out of the oven.


Here’s a view of the completed steak sarnie.

Steak sarnie

And here’s the completed meal of steak sarnie, crispy new potatoes, cheesy mushrooms, and beetroot salad.

Finished meal

Tasting notes: I wonder if the peppers would have made a big difference to the sandwich. It was good, but it wasn’t mind-blowing or anything. (Or maybe it would have helped if I’d STABBED IT TO A BOARD WITH A KNIFE as Jamie suggested?) The potatoes were fine. The beetroot salad was good, but it’s a lot of work and mess without the vac-packed beets, so I’m not sure I’ll be in a rush to make it again. And the cheesy mushrooms were, as mentioned, quite divisive. I think it would come down to whether the person likes the texture of big grilled mushrooms. I thought they were good, but the Snook didn’t finish his (and he usually eats everything). Still, this one is relatively easy to finish within the 30 minutes and you can’t really go wrong with a steak sandwich and potatoes. Definitely an 8-8.5 out of 10.

Stay tuned for another recipe from Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals!